Meet the Artist

About Me

I'm Lori Phillips, your portrait photographer.

I'm from southeast Louisiana now living in south Mississippi. My wonderful husband Dwayne has blessed me with the privilege of homeschooling our children. I have a daughter that's 8 and son that 5, plus 2 teen bonus sons.

A few things I love:

Jesus✞, Coffee & Tea☕️, Art 🎨, Keto 🥑 Amazon 📦Photography 📸, Nature 🌸 & Snuggles with my Babies. 🥰

As an Artist

Art has always been a natural talent and passion of mine. I'm a product of St.Tammany's Talented Art program "TAP".

I enjoy watercolor painting, drawing, sculpting and creating anything with my hands. I had the opportunity to teach Art to a group of homeschool students, ages 5-18. I loved teaching others and plan on doing so in the future.

As a Photographer

My goal is to create ART. I offer a full service, boutique photography experience. I strive to not only create a great, memorable experience, but also carefully craft beautiful, tangible, heirloom art pieces for your home that will be cherished for generations.